Gift Suggestions for boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is a long-awaited date for lovers. It is on this date that the lovers take to make programs “grabbing”, as a session of films together, a romantic and of course, the exchange of gifts among themselves. But when it comes to choosing gifts for a boyfriend, some people find it difficult to find the ideal gift, so at these times it is always good to ask for help from a friend or even parents or even your boyfriend and buy something that person is already looking or needing. Couple matching outfits also have film quotes for couple, so you should try it.

But regardless of whether it’s birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, that gift-giving job is really complicated. What to gift for your boyfriend? A shirt? But, is that not repetitive, since you already presented your boyfriend last year with a shirt? Or what about pajamas? But is not pajamas a bad idea too? Shoes Is not it a very expensive gift, especially if it’s recent dating? Or maybe a birthday gift for an original boyfriend, like a beer or football pitcher? Will he like it?

Anyway, there are so many doubts and suggestions of gifts for boyfriend that ends up leaving the girlfriends, brides and wives confused. But, the reality is that gift for boyfriend is equal an investment: the smaller the time, the smaller the value that should be invested. Some people may even come up with a radical idea, but if you think better you will end up agreeing with this theory. After an investment time, one learns better ways to invest, knows the tricks and all the things that should be avoided.

Funny that this also happens in a relationship, that is, the more time you spend with your boyfriend, the better you will meet him and only then you can invest in a gift with a higher value without taking the risk of your boyfriend not liking. You want to invest and see the return on investment, but that investment need not necessarily be in gifts, but in a positive return to your relationship. So over time you gain more confidence in your relationship, so find out what your boyfriend likes the most as well as his style.

Lastly, you know how the investment turns out over time. This facilitates many things in your relationship, such as choosing a message, a gift, knowing what it likes and what it does not like, its positives and negatives. That is, you will not want to invest much in something that will not come to anything, right? We mean that you will not want to spend rivers of money to buy a gift for your boyfriend in which you are boyfriend only 2 or 3 weeks, still not knowing if the relationship of you two will work out.

Gifts for boyfriend

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Things you need to know before choosing your boyfriend’s gift:

  • The taste of your boyfriend, boyfriend or husband.
  • His lifestyle – including hobbies, activities and personal interests.
  • Relationship time. In other words, how long is the relationship? Pretty recent yet? Have you been together for some time? Many years of dating? Or are they married?
  • Degree of relationship. What are you really? Boyfriends? Ficantes? Lovers? Married? Coiled? Or does it fit into any alternatives?

For you who still find it difficult to find the ideal gift for your boyfriend, we decided to make life easier for the female audience by giving boyfriend gift ideas. Check out the gift tips for boyfriend below and good luck when choosing or buying the perfect gift.

Five Senses Box

Let’s begin the list of gift suggestions for your boyfriend with a very creative and original idea. In this box, you should put something to sharpen the smell of your beloved, like a perfume , for example. Also put something to sharpen his palate, like a chocolate or bonbon. For the touch, it could be a couple T-shirt or jeans .

For viewing, you can add photos of the couple in a beautiful picture frame. For the audition, a great choice is a CD with a selection of songs made by you, preferably with romantic songs or a CD of some band that he likes very much. This is a type of gift that appeals to all types of boyfriends because it has five gifts in one – each of which has a special meaning.


A box of sophisticated chocolates of various flavors is a great choice. However, you need to be aware of your boyfriend’s taste, whether he likes chocolate and the taste chosen. Surely your boyfriend will love the gift, even more so if he is the romantic type.

Cheese and wine basket

This is another hint of sophisticated and elegant gifts. A basket of quality cheeses and wines is especially pleasing to the lovers who have a more refined and modern taste. But pay attention with the types of cheeses and wines chosen to put in the basket, since usually the most refined men are the most difficult to please.

Clothes in general

What woman does not like to get clothes, does she? But incredible as it may seem we are the only ones, since most men do not care much for the clothes, because if they leave they wear the same shirt and the same pants for days and days. But if your boyfriend is different and cares about fashion and trends, it does not cost anything to gift them with modern clothes, especially if he likes to walk well dressed and fashionable .

If your boyfriend has the stripped down style, you can buy a printed T-shirt, for example. Whether it makes the style tidier, a polo shirt or a slim cut shirt is a great option. Now if he is more sportsman, invest in a shirt of his favorite team, do not doubt that your boyfriend will love the gift.

Now if your boyfriend does not like fashion very much and you also do not like the style of clothes he wears, but do not know how to change, this is a great opportunity for you to start gradually changing your boyfriend’s style. Present it with a piece of clothing that you like and that you think will look good on it.

Breakfast basket

There’s nothing better than waking up getting a breakfast basket, is not it? This is a very versatile gift, and you can still make it super personalized according to the preferences of your loved one. You can add everything your boyfriend likes most in the breakfast basket, including a couple of personalized cups with some romantic phrase or the couple’s photo. Perfect for the most passionate and romantic lovers.

Beauty Product Baskets

You may find this a strange gift, especially when it comes to men. But, are there men who like to take care of themselves and why not present them with a basket full of beauty products ? You will be amazed by this gift suggestion, even more so if your boyfriend is conceited he will look even more beautiful and scented for you to enjoy your Valentine’s Day in the best possible way.

Football T-Shirts

If your boyfriend is passionate about football, do not miss any game and love to accompany them in a football stadium, without a shadow of a doubt he will love winning a football team shirt with his team at heart. If you do not want to miss or you do not know the team that he cheers on, give him a Brazilian shirt. It is a gift that is sure to appeal to men who enjoy sports.

Custom Pillowcase

How about stamping the photo of you two close together or making a beautiful declaration of love for him to see every day at bedtime and when he wakes up? To make a personalized pillowcase just print the couple’s photo or a lovely statement of love on the pillowcase of his pillow so he will always remember you. Nowadays, it is very easy to find companies and stores that do this type of work. The most sticky boyfriends are sure to love.


If your boyfriend does the cult style, a box with the full season of his favorite series or that movie he loves is a great gift idea for your boyfriend. Also, this is a great gift for both of you to take advantage of Valentine’s Day and watch together. Usually the most modern, intelligent and romantic lovers like this type of gift more.

Travel bag

Does your boyfriend do the adventurous style? Do you love traveling and practicing extreme sports? Then you need to gift it with a travel backpack. This gift, as well as other items that are part of the kind of adventurous man such as tents and camping articles. It is the perfect gift for your beloved.

Cell phone

The cell phone is the kind of gift that all types and styles of men will love to win on Valentine’s Day. Depending on the model, making calls on the cell phone will be less, since modern cell phones are increasingly with different functions, leaving the basic as to make a simple connection back. By the way, this type of gift is perfect for geeks boyfriends, even more so if it is a more modern type of mobile phone with the latest news of the technological world included in it.

Message Boards

This is another idea of ​​creative and original gift, made by yourself. To make a message line you will only need a colored string. When your loved one is not at his house, enter there by surprise and wrap the colored string around the room, zigzagging. Then just tie, but do not forget to twist the string in your lover’s room several times.

After that just buy those “post-it” and write several messages for him and hang on the clothesline. When your boyfriend enters the room will have a huge surprise and the best, he will not be able to enter, will only succeed after undoing all the messages on the clothesline reading one by one.

Sheet with photos

How about giving a modified one in the decoration of the bed of your loved one? To do this, buy a bedding (sheet and pillow case) preferably with excellent fabrics. Then record photos of the couple in high quality on a CD and take to a specialized printing company. The rest of the present leave with the professionals they will customize for you. The result is amazing and your boyfriend will love it.

Treasure hunt and, finally, the present!

This is a very interesting game to amuse your beloved on Valentine’s Day. Start by handing the first piece of paper to your boyfriend in return for a kiss. In this little piece of paper he will find clues on how to find the second paper and so on, until he reaches the last paper where he will find tips on how to find the treasure, that is, his gift. Abuse creativity in tips and treasure as well.

Photo album

Want to give your boyfriend a gift without spending too much? A great suggestion is to present it with a photo album. You can put photos of the couple, or photos of you and your boyfriend when they were still small in similar situations, such as a birthday party, bathing or even playing. You can make a personalized album with photos and stickers, then go put some captions and love statements. It is a very romantic gift and if your boyfriend does that, it will surely be a gift to be saved for the rest of your life.

Classic and practical gifts

And to top it off, if you do not have the money and time to chase after a perfect gift for your boyfriend, you can opt for the good and classic gifts for Valentine’s Day. Among the most used suggestions are: bouquet of roses, box of fine chocolates, baskets, hearts of plush, books and dvd’s. But regardless of the present, what matters is your intention. But, remember, whatever the present, cool thing is you put a letter together in the present. It is essential, simple, unique, original and does not spend any fortune to do it.