How to Make Your Wife Happy

Whether you have been married for only a year or your 25th wedding anniversary is approaching, you must learn a fundamental fact: if your wife is not happy, then no one is. Making your wife happy is the secret to a peaceful life and, if you want to do it, you have to work on your communication skills, keep your love story alive and understand your woman’s needs. If you want to know how to make your wife happy, follow these steps. If you interested in a special gift for wife but a couple themed t-shirt, you can find it at matching couple outfits.

Method1: Keep the Romanticism alive

  • 1Always find time for an evening. No matter how busy you are, you always have to find time to go out with your wife, preferably once a week or at least twice a month. If you spend all your precious time with friends or simply relax at home, you forget about the spark that makes your relationship so special.
    • Change. Always do something different at every night, whether it’s watching a new movie or going to a restaurant where you’ve never been to before.
    • If you dine at home, dress up just as if you were going out.
    • Find the time to chat. Activities like mini-golf or watching a movie are nice, but make sure there is always a time of the evening to look you in the eye and talk.
    • During the evening meeting with a note in which you say how much you love her, even if it is not a particular event. Every occasion with your wife must be special.
  • 2Maintain the appearance. Even if the temptation to let yourself go a little is strong and you prefer to stay in a comfortable suit when you are at home, try to be presentable at all times and keep your appearance tended. If you no longer pay attention to your appearance, it means that you are losing the romantic side of the relationship.
    • Unless you like a somewhat “neglected” look, make sure you shave every day and keep your face smooth.
    • Take a shower every day to smell good. Don’t let poor hygiene get in the way of you and your wife.
    • Even if you simply spend time at home, make an effort and wear clean, tidy clothes.
    • Obviously you can’t have incredible clothing every day. You and your wife decide to stay one day in more casual clothing, for example on Sundays, and wear what you want, but don’t let the old, worn-out pants become the norm.
  • 3Find the time for romantic getaways. Even if a holiday is not a lasting solution if romance is lacking, it’s still a perfect way to spend time with your wife in a different environment and to appreciate your relationship even more.
    • Try to go together in an exotic country at least once a year, if the budget allows. Book your trip well in advance so that when the time comes, you won’t be able to find the excuse of work.
    • Search for a new location every time. Exploring the world together not only keeps your romance always young, but also helps strengthen your bond.
    • If the budget is really low or if it is difficult to find a babysitter, at least try to leave for a weekend from time to time, even if only an hour’s drive or at a hotel in the nearest town.
  • 4Keep a romantic atmosphere at home. You can still give room for romance, even if you’re just hanging around at home. It may seem impossible to create a romantic atmosphere, when the house is full of dirty dishes and toys, but there are some things you can do to make it more poetic.
    • Bring roses or other flowers once a week and place a bouquet on the dining room table.
    • If you are eating normally or watching TV, turn down the lights and light a couple of candles.
    • If you’re just chatting quietly, put on some jazz or romantic music.
    • Try to keep the house as clean as possible, so you will feel more relaxed and happy in your environment.
    • Make your bedroom a sex sanctuary. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the house is cluttered and untidy, the room must remain clean, tidy and freshly scented at all times. Do not use your bedroom as an office or a place to leave dirty laundry.
  • 5Always show love and affection. If you want romance to always be present in your relationship, you should never take your wife for granted. Even if you know you love her, and you know how you feel, you need to find time to tell her how much you appreciate your relationship. She is a woman, not a soothsayer.
    • Tell your wife that you love her every single day. It doesn’t matter how you do it.
    • Take time to tell your wife not only that you love her, but because you love her and appreciate her so much. Remember it because it is special.
    • It is not enough to be affectionate in the bedroom. Take the time to hug, caress and kiss your wife as often as possible.
    • If you leave the house when she is not there or is still asleep, leave her a ticket where you say how much you love her and wishes her a good day.

Method2Maintain an honest dialogue

  1. 1Be honest and open. A sincere dialogue is the key to every long and stable relationship. If you want your happy wife, you must always share your feelings and be happy to hear what he has to say. You should feel good about sharing your feelings with your wife and openly expressing your thoughts, even if it can be difficult.
    • If you have something in mind, say it. Don’t face a difficult situation alone.
    • If you are upset about something your wife has done, address the subject. It is better to talk about how you feel rather than passively anger.
    • If your wife asks you for your honest opinion about a new dress or a haircut, don’t cheat her by telling her that she looks better – just tell her she’s still beautiful anyway. Obviously she just wants a confirmation that she always has a beautiful style.
    • Find the right time for your sincerity. If you have something important to say to your wife, do it when she is relatively calm and can dedicate her time and energy to you.
    • Learn when it is appropriate to be silent. You may be worried about a recent flirtation you had with a colleague, but you should keep it for yourself, instead of telling your wife, making her feel terrible.
  2. 2Continue with compromises. Making compromises is a fundamental part of an important dialogue. You should always know how to do things and face things together instead of always deciding alone. You should discuss important decisions and find a solution that will delight both.
    • First of all, take the time to listen. Each of you should say why your opinion is important and why you want to make that decision.
    • Be considered. You can also make a list of pros and cons when making a decision together.
    • Alternate in making compromises. Sometimes a decision will make only one of the two happy (like choosing to live in one city rather than another), but make sure that the next important decision you have to make is to get what you want.
    • Make sure you both compromise. Don’t blame your wife if she doesn’t always do what you want, because you’ll be very angry if you don’t get what you want.
  3. 3Learn to make and accept excuses. If you really want to make your wife happy, you have to understand that being happy is much more important than being right. Shut your pride and acknowledge that you made a mistake, and be reasonable enough to accept your wife’s apology if she’s wrong.
    • When you apologize, be sincere. Keep eye contact and show your wife that you are really sorry. You do not accept your excuses if you give the impression that you are only doing it because you have no other choice.
    • Learn to accept excuses. You can still be angry, but make it clear that you accept your wife’s apology, even if you still need some time to let it pass.

Method3Keep physically fit together

  1. 1Do physical activity together. Producing your endorphins by exercising together is a great way to keep both of you healthy and to combine the chemistry of your bodies. If you want to see your happy wife, take the time to exercise with her or just some gymnastics at least once a week.
    • Train for a race together. This is a great goal that will make you feel more united as a couple, whether you train for 5 km or for a marathon.
    • Take a dance class together. Not only to increase the romantic side, but it will be a great opportunity to learn something new.
    • Take a trip together to the gym. You can talk while you burn calories.
    • If you are not physically fit, take about twenty minutes to walk together a couple of days a week, either in the morning before breakfast or after dinner.
  2. 2Keep the sexual activity alive. To make your wife happy, you have to keep the relationship in bed exciting. No need to go to the sex shop.
    • Make sure you make love at least once a week, no matter how busy you are.
    • Try making love at different times of the day. If you only do it in the morning or Wednesday night, your sex life will simply become another time in your routine.
    • Be adventurous. Don’t be afraid to make love in new positions or in new places.
    • Don’t forget to pamper your wife after sex to tell her how much you love her.
  3. 3Be active when you are at home together. Even if the chores are not fun, you can have fun with your wife, working together, instead of turning around and wavering at what needs to be done. This will bring you even closer.
    • If you need to repair the roof, make sure your wife is close to you so you can talk while you work.
    • If you have a garden, grow something together. Who says gardening is a job for women?
    • Do the spring cleaning together. Don’t let all your wife do it.
    • Paint a new room in the house together. This is a great way to have fun while improving the look of the home.

Method4Understanding the Needs of Your Wife

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  1. 1Be a father, not a babysitter. If you are lucky enough to have children, then you should spend more time with them as you can, instead of waiting for your wife to be exhausted before taking them over. Your wife loves your children, but would be very happy if you helped her as much as possible.
    • You don’t have to be with children ,. You can cement your bond by taking the children to the park or going to the movies together.
    • If you work and your wife is with the children, make your best effort to stay with them when you are at home.
    • Choose some weekends to take your children out and give your wife some time to rest. Motherhood is a beautiful thing, but it is also tiring.
  2. 2Give it some space. Making your wife happy also means giving her some time for herself. Even if it seems almost impossible to you since your lives are so intertwined, give you time to do your things from time to time, you will appreciate even more.
    • Allow some time to visit his family alone sometimes. You don’t have to be there at every single family event – unless you insist.
    • Let her spend a night with friends once in a while. You don’t have to be present at every social event.
    • Let her have her hobbies and interests. You don’t have to do the same sports, love the same TV programs, or read the same books.
  3. 3Try to understand his difficulties at work or in the profession. Take time to talk to your wife about her career and advice when needed. Remember how difficult it is to be a wife, a mother and a working woman, all at the same time.
    • Let your wife get out of her work sometimes. He needs your love and support.
    • If you’re spending a hard week at work, you should make her lunch or make her a coffee, and take care of the household chores for a while.
    • If you are a home mom, remember that this is also a full-time job, and it’s not easy. Be in tune with his needs and the difficulties of his daily life.


  • Never lie to her, one day she will find you and it will be worse to have kept everything hidden when you could have told her without shame.
  • Massage the feet.
  • If you have a friend who is very good at making his wife happy, ask him how he does it.


  • Being unfaithful is the easiest way to completely ruin a marriage. Do not even think about it.