How to Surprise Your Girl

Happy couple in love with painted smiley holding red heart

It is easy for a couple to let themselves be absorbed by their commitments to the point of forgetting to say “I love you”. If lately you have the feeling of not being very romantic, try to make up for it with a nice surprise. You can rely on an old classic, but it is better to choose something specific for your beloved. Flowers and chocolates are appreciated by all women, but they are not very personal gifts. Combine these pawns of love with something that makes you understand what you feel. Even just taking it aside and telling her that you love her can be a nice and heartfelt gesture. You also can get some matching couple outfits to have the love quotes with your partner. Many designs about love on t-shirt, hoodie, or unisex t-shirt, etc. You can get it depend on your hobby. All is for couple t-shirt, couple hoodies.

Method1: Tell her that you love her

  1. 1 Write a love letter . Although e-mails and text messages are comfortable, handwritten love letters are much more romantic. Not only do they express a sense of eternal love, but they also require planning and commitment. If you express your feelings verbally it embarrasses you, your girlfriend will love to read them on paper. If you wear a particular perfume, spray a few drops on the paper before sending the letter.
    • For an extra touch of class, hand over the letter by hand during your next appointment.
  2. 2 Tell her you want to help her relax. Plan a whole day to pamper her and spoil her. Prepare your meals, do the housework and offer to give her a massage or a bath full of foam. You can organize this special day on a weekday or a weekend. Choosing a day of the week can be a particularly nice gesture if you have a job that stresses you a lot, because a back massage is even more appreciated at the end of a long working day.
  3. 3 Dedicate a song to the radio . This kind of surprise is not appreciated by everyone, so try to understand in advance what your partner’s reaction will be. If you like to be the center of attention to the most important events or organize a big birthday party every year, you might like to hear his name on the radio. If instead he feels embarrassed even when his name is called into the waiting room, he probably doesn’t like such a surprise.
    • Almost all commercial radio stations do not accept dedications, but you can always ask.
    • You could call an amateur radio. Do a search to find local stations that you can contact.

Method2: Choose a Romantic Gift

Man surprising girlfriend with gift at Christmas
  1. 1 Try the old classics. Boxes of chocolates, stuffed animals, jewels, roses or a bouquet of his favorite flowers are traditional and romantic gifts. Don’t limit yourself to buying the first thing you find – choose an object that you can appreciate. For example, give her flowers only if you know she likes them. You should also be careful not to get too trivial, because three bouquets of flowers in one week may not have the same effect.
    • A small gift may not be enough to repair a distressed relationship. If you need to make a really significant surprise, try combining one of these gifts with a special appointment.
  2. 2 Think of something more personal. Give her a specific gift based on her interests. Find a book by his favorite author, buy the latest album from the band he loves, or present with tickets to a play he can’t wait to see. These gifts will let your girlfriend know that you know her well and you know what she likes. You will also show that you are committed to choosing something special and you have not limited yourself to classic romantic gifts.
  3. 3 Create a compilation for your girlfriend. This gift is particularly appropriate if your partner has to travel every day and loves to be distracted by listening to music. Prepare a CD with songs that have meaning for your relationship or remind you of it. The third option is to choose tracks that you like. If you really like corny gestures, you might even include a personal message at the beginning of the CD.
  4. 4 Rent a dog. If your girlfriend loves dogs, but you can’t afford to keep one in your apartment, this is a wonderful surprise. For example, try telling her that you want to go for a walk with her the next morning. If you give your consent, look for a website where you can hire a dog or do a search to find the exercises that provide this service in your area. Meeting you and Fido in the park will be a pleasant surprise.
    • Make sure the weight of having to pick up and bring back the dog does not limit your plans. If you had thought of doing something together, but are forced to postpone because of the animal, the four-legged guest may not be very welcome.

Method3: Share a Surprise Meal

  1. 1 Take on the role of the chef. Few gestures are as romantic as a meal prepared with your hands, especially if it is usually her who cooks. If you trust your cooking skills, don’t be afraid to experiment. Otherwise, don’t risk too much. You can prepare a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner. The meal should not be abundant, but you should put in a good deal of effort.
    • If you don’t feel able to cook a meal by yourself, surprise her by proposing to prepare something together. You can spend time together having fun and the gesture will still be romantic.
    • Clean the table, use coordinated cutlery and light candles. This is to show her that this is a special occasion.
    • If you live with roommates, choose an evening in which they will be absent for at least an hour or two and dedicate all your time to your girlfriend.
  2. 2 Surprise her with a lunch. Show up for your work during your lunch break with a meal from your favorite fast food or restaurant. Even the sandwiches and homemade salads will go well. If you don’t get a chance to surprise her at work, you could prepare a picnic-style lunch for the weekend and take her to eat at the park.
    • Make sure you pay attention to your commitments. If it is normally free during the lunch break, but this week has a meeting every day, wait for the most opportune moment. You will not make a good impression if you show up to take it to lunch 15 minutes before your important meeting which you have been talking about for weeks.
  3. 3 Take her to dinner at a nice restaurant. Choose a place recently opened that has received excellent reviews or a place you know well but that you have recently stopped attending. If you decide for a new restaurant, choose one that may interest your girlfriend or at least serve dishes that she may like. It is up to you to tell them in advance where you take them. Some like surprises, but many don’t like it.
  4. 4 Share a box of chocolates. If you don’t feel the need to make a big romantic gesture, this gift is very nice. Go to the pastry shop together and choose a box. Keep it on the kitchen table and enjoy the chocolates all week. Talk about what your favorites are and have fun exchanging morsels.

Method4: Doing Activities Together

  1. 1 Schedule an exit. Proponile of doing something that she likes, especially if it is an activity that you usually don’t do. For example, you could go with her for a whole day of shopping. If you don’t like shopping, take it to a concert or a museum, a botanical garden or the zoo. Take the opportunity to turn something into reality that you talk about often, but never do.
    • For example, if you have been wanting to see an art exhibition for some time, study the commitments of both to find a weekend that will work for both of you. Tell her you have no commitments and you want to go see the event with her if she’s free. If you have studied your commitments well, you will be happy to have found the time to go out together.
  2. 2 Remember the passions you share. An exit together can be special, but it’s important to remember to do “normal” activities with your girlfriend. For example, if you usually go running together, make sure you don’t lose this habit. Surprises are pleasant, but they cannot replace daily commitment. This effort shows that you are able to create a stable relationship over the long term. You should be a loving companion every day, not just once in a while.
    • If you used to spend evenings at the cinema or with board games, go back to those traditions. Tell her you want to organize a movie night and ask her to choose some titles. This will allow her to feel involved in the activity and make her understand that you are interested in her preferences. Furthermore, by offering you options, you will not give the impression that you have decided everything.
  3. 3 Create an album of photos or memories. An album full of memories of you two together will warm your heart. The simplest gift of this type is a binder full of photographs that cover the entire duration of your relationship. If you want something more refined, you can create a scrapbook that includes photos, tickets with your thoughts and other items that express your feelings for your girlfriend.
    • You can make this gift more like a scrapbook by adding ticket stubs and food packages that have a sentimental meaning.
  4. 4 Organize a party. You have two options in this case: give a surprise party or ask your girlfriend to help you plan. Evaluate your reaction when the spotlight is on her to understand which gift she likes the most. However, make sure she is the star of the party, inviting her friends and family. If you decide to surprise her, ask everyone to arrive before you.
  5. 5 Gather together information for a vacation. If there is a place that you would like to visit for some time and it is a realistic perspective, do some research. Find brochures and calculate travel costs. Count to see if you can afford it and show your girlfriend that you finally have the chance to take the vacation of your dreams. Make sure you can’t wait to leave as much as you do. Doing activities together in a matching couple outfits would made you have a special time, and feeling that you never had.


  • Think a lot, to make sure that your girlfriend likes surprises. Surveys have shown that not all women like them. If you think your girlfriend may not appreciate them, remember that you love her simply by expressing your feelings.