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Free Term Paper Term Paper: Truth & Dare Term papers are a fact of student life. Ever since American education was transformed as writing became a method of discourse and research the hallmark of learning, [source: Moulton and Holmes (2003)] at the turn of the previous century, term papers have been used to evaluate students over the period of a term or semester. Term Paper It’s not unusual to be confronted with one’s first writing assignment in the first month of college or university. Here’s a step-by-step procedure to help you get familiar with the structure and method of term papers. Planning: Most follow the 80:20 rule, and do 80% of the work in the last 20% of the time remaining. Begin your research well in advance to give yourself room to deal with any unforeseen eventualities. Based on your research, you can begin working on an introductory thesis statement that puts the subject of your term paper into immediate context, since the thesis statement is usually incorporated right into the introduction of your paper. Analysis &Structure: Of course, a mere compilation of facts will not get you good grades. You should evaluate your information in terms of how well it supports your subject. This is also the ideal stage to start pigeonholing your notes as per the structure of your paper that usually starts to take shape when you start sequencing or structuring the information you have at your disposal.

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If your research is well done, you should be able to draft an outline of your paper as well. This will serve as a roadmap for the actual writing, as well as help you keep your paragraphs concise. Introduction: Here, you could use the H-I-T method. Start with a ‘Hook’ that grabs your readers’ attention. Next ‘Introduce’ your subject and finally end with your ‘Thesis statement.’ Go With The Flow: Writing the main body or the middle paragraphs requires you to focus on adding to your thesis statement in a coherent and logically progressive manner backed by data, surveys, empirical analysis and quotes from credible sources without resorting to just examples. Conclusion: If your introduction tells your reader where you are United states Education going with your writing, your conclusion should tell them where you’ve just taken them. Both parts summarize the rest of the contents of the paper. п»ї

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As a final word of caution, never plagiarize. There actually is no need to do so as there are countless model term papers available online that can provide a perspective on every aspect of writing a term paper.